• Gene Hive: Data Provenance

    Track Your Data

    The Who, What, Where and how of computational pipeline systems. Where did this chart come from? When was this data created? What Version of Software was used?

  • Gene Hive: Cloud Enabled

    Why Buy When You Can Rent?

    Its flexible architecture allows you to run your analytics wherever suits you best – from desktops to the cloud.

  • Gene Hive: Connecting Genomics

    Open your data up to the possiblities of the connected world

    Gene Hive employs its rich API to help you get the most out of your data by connecting it with other resources within your lab, your enterprise and the world.


  • Create custom informatic applications in weeks not months
  • Customize applications to fit your organization’s needs
  • Develop with multiple platforms and various programming languages


  • Employ off the shelf or custom analysis tools
  • Use various workflow tooks to assemble and execute analytical pipelines
  • Execute analysis on single computers, compute clusters or the cloud


  • Integrate with data from sources such as LIMS and clinical data repositories
  • Feed data to reports, analytic engines and existing databases
  • Based on ubiquitous web services


  • Reproduce analytic computational processes using the exact same data, the exact same algorithms and in the exact same environment
  • Precisely Track the exact origin of a given chart, datafile or any other piece of scientific data
  • Maintain data storage usage, know what is garbage and what is essential

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